1. Ockhi refer to -----
a. Computer virus
b. Satellite
c. Cyclone
d. International Forum
2. ------ is the total number of Districts in Karnataka
a. 30
b. 18
c. 27
d. 20
3. Article 371J aims at
a. Forming a new state
b. Providing autonomy
c. Providing special provisions to backward areas
d. Providing schemes for small farmers
4. Vidyasiri scheme is meant for
a. Economically backward students of all category
b. Students belonging to Backward class
c. Students belonging to Backward community
d. Female students to pursue higher education
5. Constitution Day is celebrated on
a. January 26th
b. January 30th
c. November 26th
d. November 30th

6. The renaming of Mysore State in to Karnataka was during the chief ministership of
a. S.R. Kanti
b. S.R. Bommai
c. VeerendraPatil
d. DevarajUrs
7. The measure taken by the Central Government to curb black money was
a. Regulate REPO rate
b. Demonetization
c. Free Foreign Policy
d. Controlling Inflation
8. GST stand for
a. General Service Tax
b. Goods and Services Tax
c. Gold and Silver Tax
d. Government Specified Tax
9. Implementation of GST results in
a. Uniformity in Price
b. Increased tax collection
c. Making rich man to pay more
d. Increase in export
10. -------- latitude pass through India.
a. Cancer
b. Capricorn
c. Equator
d. 0 Degree
11. Indian constitution has provision for declaring Emergency. This is drawn from
a. Germany
b. England
c. Japan
12. Right to form Associations /Unions is provided under ---------------section of the
a. 19 (1) a
b. 19(1) b
c. 19(1) c
d. 19(1) d

13. Blue Revolution is associated with
a. Fish Production
b. Milk production
c. Rice Production
d. Oil Production
14. IR 20 refer to
a. Fertilizer
b. Paddy
c. Sugar
d. Cotton
15. The goal of Chipco movement was to
a. Preserve wild animals
b. Use scientific methods in agriculture
c. Preserve forests
d. Preserve environment
16. The current CEO and MD of Infosys is
a. Narayana Murthy
b. NandanNilekani
c. Vishal Sikka
d. Salil Parekh
17. TawaMathsyaSangh in Madhyapradesh fights for
a. Rights of fisherman
b. Rights of displaced forest dwellers
c. Rights of small farmers
d. Rights of children
18. The new state formed on 2nd June 2014 is
a. Royalaseema
b. Andhrapradesh
c. Telangana
d. Kakinada
19. Article 15 of Indian Constitution is not related to
a. Prohibition of discrimination based on Religion
b. Prohibition of discrimination based on place of birth
c. Prohibition of discrimination based on Education
d. Prohibition of discrimination based on Gender
20. Hampi is located in
a. Krishna- Tungabhadra basin
b. Krishna basin only
c. Tungabhadra basin only
d. Krishna – Godavari basin
21. The author of “Wings of Fire” is
a. ArunShouri
b. Kamala Das
c. Abdul Kalam
d. Girish Karnad
22. Who was known as kadalatheeradabhargava”?
a. GovindaPai
b. Shivaramakaranth
c. Gopala Krishna Adiga
d. Da ra bender.
23. Elton Mayo is associated with
a. Scientific management
b. Hawthorne studies
c. Industrial management
d. Quality circle

24. Authoritarian style of leadership is more suitable to
a. Hospital management
b. Bank management
c. Military organization
d. Government sector
25. The primary assumption of theory X is that
a. All men are basically good
b. All men are basically lazy
c. People work under pressure
d. People need to controlled
26. Hierarchical theory of Motivation is given by
a. Maslow
b. Skinner
c. Alderferger
d. Herzberg
27. Vaatapi is now called as
a. Hariharapura
b. Aihole
c. Badami
d. Halebeedu
28. Which of the following statement is true?
a. Karnataka has both IIT and IIM
b. Karnataka has only IIT
c. Karnataka has only IIM
d. Karnataka neither has IIT nor IIM
29. Swatch bharathabhiyan was launched on
a. 15th August 2014
b. 26th January 2014
c. 30th January 2014
d. 2
nd October 2014
30. Dalal Street is in
a. Kolkatta
b. Chennai
c. Mumbai
d. Hyderabad
31. BMRCL aims at
a. Providing electricity
b. Maintaining National high Ways
c. Providing metro trains
d. Maintaining power stations
32. Jog Falls is related to -------- river
a. Bhadra
b. Sharavati
c. Kabini
d. Kali
33. Which of the following statement is true?
a. Karnataka had only one woman Governor
b. Karnataka never had women Governor
c. Karnataka had more than two woman Governors
d. Karnataka had one woman chief minister
34. The word “ubiquitous” mean
a. Always
b. Universal
c. Rare
d. Salient
35. The idiom “better late than never” mean
a. There is no time restriction
b. It is alright do some things even if it late than not doing anything.
c. Do your task slowly without hurry
d. None of the above
36. The meaning of idiom “time is a healer” is
a. Time lapse help in curing injuries
b. One has to do things on time
c. One has to follow time schedule to prevent injuries
d. Over a period of time the emotions associated with experiences reduces.
37. If Sociology : Society, Graphology :
a. Graphs
b. Handwriting
c. Graphite
d. Diagrams
38. HIV:Disease as to Bofors :
a. Military
b. Weapon
c. Politics
d. Corruption
39. Physiology : Body Meta physics :
a. Physics
b. Mathematics
c. Philosophy
d. Geography
40. Which one of the following does not belong with others
a. Mumbai
b. Chennai
c. Kolkatta
d. Cochin
41. Which one of the following does not belong with others
a. Parrot
b. Pigeon
c. Hawk
d. Hen

42. Complete the series 5,2,6,3,7, -----
a. 8
b. 4
c. 0
d. 1
43. Complete the series 5,24, 6,--- ,7,-----
a. 36, 49,
b. 35,49,
c. 35,48
d. 36, 46
44. Complete the series 2.5, 7, 5,15.5, 10,------
a. 6,
b. 8,
c. 35
d. 33.5
45. Complete the series 81, 121, 169, ------
a. 100
b. 196
c. 144
d. 225
46. Fill the blank with the correct alternative M2,-----,K6, J4, I1,------
a. L8, G0
b. L4, G1
c. N8,J0
d. L3,G1
47. Fill in the blank based on the analogy India : Peacock --------: kangaroo
a. Nepal
b. Australia
c. America
d. Kenya
48. Fill in the blank based on the analogy School : Teacher, Hospital : ----
a. Nurse
b. Doctor
c. Treatment
d. Patient
49. Which one of the following is not an operating system?
a. Oracle
d. MS windows XP
50. OFC stands for
a. Optional Fibre Cable
b. Optical Fibre Cable
c. Optimized Fibre Cable
d. Operating Fibre Cable
51. Arithmetic Logic Unit is a unit in the
a. Main Memory
b. Secondary Memory
c. Central Processing memory
d. Address Bus
52. IP in IP addreass means
a. Information protocol
b. International protocol
c. Indian Protocol
d. Internet Protocol
53. Which one of the following is an invalid form domain address?
a. www.gov.india
b. www.google.com
c. www.indiagov.in
d. www. amazon.in
 54. Acid rain formation is mainly due to
a) Oxides of Sulphur
b) Oxides of Nitrogen
c) Both 1 & 2
d) None of the above
55. An example for ex-situ conservation is
a) National park
b) Wildlife sanctuary
c) Botanical garden
d) Grassland
56. Van Mahotsav is celebrated in the month of
a. March
b. July
c. September
d. December
57. 'Zero Emissions Day'isannually observed on
a) 11th July
b) 12th August
c) 21st September
d) 24th October
58. . A species which is native to the region is known as
a) Exotic species
b) Alien species
c) Endemic species
d) Rare species
59. World Environment Day is celebrated on
a) 1
stof May
b) 5
thof June
c) 10thof December
d) 12thApril
60. Rise in global surface temperature and global warming is due to
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Propane
c) Butane
d) Oxygen
61. Abiotic component of ecosystem is
a) Bacteria
b) Fungi
c) Light
d) Plants
62. Earth quake is recorded by
a) Seismograph
b) Rain gauge
c) Hydrometer
d) Earth meter
63. Human activities that causes climate change on Earth includes
a) Burning of forests
b) Agricultural activities
c) Use of aerosol cans
d) All of the above
64. The definition of “child” under the Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961 means a
person who has not completed _________ years.
a) 14 years
b) 15 years
c) 16 years
d) 18 years
65. The First Aid Box shall be kept in the charge of the _________of the transport
a. Driver
b. Conductor
c. Driver or Conductor
d. Cleaner
66. The term Adolescent under Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961 means a person who has
completed the age of:
a) 10 years but has not completed 12 years
b) 12 years but has not completed 14 years
c) 14 years but has not completed 15 years
d) 15 years but has not completed 18years
67. Welfare and Health facilities under the Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961 includes.
a) Canteen & Rest Room Facilities
b) Uniform & Medical Facilities
c) First Aid Facilities
d) All the above
68. Whoever knowingly uses the False Certificate of Fitness under Motor Transport
Workers Act, 1961 shall be punished with imprisonment for a period of _____
a) One month
b) Two month
c) Three month
d) Six month
69. Find the one that does not belong to the rest
a. Girish Karnad
b. U.R. Anantha Murthy
c. ShivaramaKaranth
d. Da. Ra. Bendre
70. Find the one that does not belong to the rest
a. Rakesh Chourasia
b. Ayaan Ali
c. Rahul Sharma
d. Ravishankar
71. If - is + and + is X then
10 - 4 + 4 =
a. 10
b. 24
c. 56
d. 10
72. If + is - and – is X then
5 + 5 – 3 =
a. 10
b. 03
c. 00
d. 05
73. If BLADE is coded as OYNQR then KNIFE :
74. If PETAL is coded as CRGNY then FLOWER IS :
75. If all dancers are musicians and no musician is an actor which of the following
conclusions is true.
a. some Musicians are dancers
b. No actor is a dancer
c. All dancers are actors
d. Some actors are dancers

76. Importance of Human Relations at work place is brought out by
a. Time and motion studies
b. Ohio Studies
c. Hawthorne studies
d. Minnesota studies.
77. X is appointed for a job for a month on a condition that he would be paid Rs 20 for each
day he works but a fine of Rs 4 would be levied for each day he absents from the work. At
the end if X is paid Rs 572 the number of days he is absent for the job is
a. 5 days
b. 6 days
c. 9 days
d. 7 days
78. The sum of first 5 prime numbers is
a. 28
b. 06
c. 15
d. 30
79. Based on the research on leadership, Modern organizations prefers to have
a. coaches
b. people oriented leaders
c. mentors
d. administrators
80. How many Prime Numbers are there between 1 to 50
a. 25
b. 15
c. 17
d. 20
81. “ You have my word, I won’t tell anyone” refer to
a. An idiom
b. A proverb
c. An oath
d. A promise.
82. The phrase ‘ Bang on” refer to
a. Accurate
b. Make sound
c. Hit out
d. Right time
83.Which of the following is ALWAYS true?
a. A function is not a relation.
b. Every function is a relation
c. A relation is not a function
d. Every relation is a function
84. If 2a - 2 = 20, value of 'a' will be
A. 12
B. 14
C. 11
D. 13
85. If an article is bought for Rs X and sold at Rs Y
the profit would be calculated by
a. Rs XY
b. RsY – RsX
c. RsY + Rs X
d. Rs X XRs Y
86. If 4(a + 5) = 80, value of 'a' must be
A. 16
B. 18
C. 17
D. 15
87. The total of the ages of Amar,Ashwin and Aziz is 80 years. What was the total of their ages three years
ago ?
a. 71 years
b. 72 years
c. 74 years
d. 77 years
88. . In a process chart the inverted triangle symbol indicates
A. an operation
B. inspection
C. storage
D. transport
89. Which of the following operations cannot be performed on a lathe
A. facing
B. drilling
C. thread cutting
D. Slotting
90. A micrometer screw has pitch of 0.5 mm and the themble has 100 equal divisions marked on it,
the least count of the instrument in mm is
A. 0.05
 B. 0.5
 C. 0.025
D. 0.005
91. The total incident radiant energy upon a body which partially reflects, absorbs, and transmits radiant
energy is 2200 W/m2
. Of this amount, 450 W/m2 is reflected and 900 W/m2
 is absorbed by the body. Find
the transmissivity
a) 0.286
b) 0.386
c) 0.486
d) 0.586
92. Water having a temperature of 60 C flows through a long, 50.0mm I.D. tube at a rate of
1.5litersper second. What is the Reynolds number?.
Assume = 985.46 kg/m3and = 4.71 X 10-4kg/m.s
a) 4.99 x 104
b) 5.99 x 104
c) 6.99 x 104
d) 7.99 x 104
93. The synonym for MASSIVE IS
a. Whole
b. Strong
c. Little
d. Huge

94. The synonym for GERMINATE :
a. Decay
b. Breed
c. Produce
d. Sprout
95. The synonym for HAGGLE is
a. Post pone
b. Accept
c. Bargain
d. Reject
96. Total number of BJP ruled States in India
a. 14.
b. 11
c. 17.
d. 12
97. withdrawal of UK from European Union is known as
c. G7
d. Waterloo
98. Who won the women’s Wimbledon Tennis championship 2017?
a. Venus Williams
b. Serena Williams
c. Garbi├▒eMuguruza
d. Maria Sharapova
99. ------- communication network is rarely used in organizations
a. Upward
b. Diagonal
c. Downward
d. Horizontal
100. The Secretary General of UNO is appointed by
a. World Bank
b. Security council
c. General Assembly
d. None of the above

1 C 21 C 41 C 61 C 81 D
2 A 22 B 42 B 62 A 82 A
3 C 23 A 43 C 63 D 83 A
4 A 24 C 44 D 64 B 84 C
5 C 25 B 45 D 65 C 85 B
6 D 26 A 46 A 66 D 86 D
7 B 27 C 47 B 56 D 87 A
8 B 28 A 48 B 68 A 88 C
9 A 29 D 49 A 69 C 89 D
10 A 30 C 50 B 70 D 90 D
11 A 31 C 51 C 71 C 91 B
12 C 32 B 52 D 72 C 92 D
13 A 33 A 53 A 73 NONE/XAVSR 93 D
14 B 34 B 54 C 74 NONE/SYBJRE 94 B
15 C 35 B 55 C 75 D 95 C
16 D 36 D 56 B 76 C 96 C
17 B 37 B 57 C 77 D 97 B
18 C 38 B 58 C 78 A 98 C
19 C 39 C 59 B 79 C 99 B
20 C 40 D 60 A 80 B 100 C

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