The following Gramapanchayath Related Questions are useful for PDO/ Grama Panchayath Secretary Exam
Question 1 :Is there a difference in wages paid for male and female workers?
A: Rs. 100/-
B: Rs. 50/-
C: Rs. 25/-
D: Equally paid
Answer: D: Equally paid

Question 2 :Can you give work to private contractors under MGNREGA?
A: Private contractors 
B: Government contractors
C: No contractors are allowed 
D: Both private and government contractors

Answer: C: No contractors are allowed 

Question 3 :Within how many days , should the Job Card be issued to the applicant?
A: 15 days 
B: One month
C: One week 

D: Ten days

Answer: A: 15 days 

Question 4 :With whom should the Job Card be kept?
A: Programme Officer 
C: Sarpanch 
D: Job Card Holder
Answer: D: Job Card Holder

Question 5 :Which facility is not provided at worksite for beneficiaries under MGNREGA?
A: Drinking water 
B: First Aid box
C: Creche 
D: Food
Answer: D: Food

Question 6 :Who will implement the NSAP?
B: Both NGO & Panchayats
C: Panchayat 
D: No one
Answer: C: Panchayat 

Question 7 :Who issues Muster Roll?
A: Material Supplier
B: Job Card Holder
C: Programme Officer 
D: Panch
Answer: C: Programme Officer 

Question 8 :What is the maximum limit of construction material under MGNREGA?

A: 40% 
B: 50%
C: 60% 
D: 80%
Answer: A: 40% 

Question 9 :What is the post birth grant amount given to the child under BSY?

A: Rs. 300/-
B: Rs. 500/- 
C: Rs. 800/-
D: Rs. 900/-

Answer: B: Rs. 500/- 

Question Question99 :Who are the beneficiaries of the BSY scheme? 

A: Unemployed youth of BPL families
B: Women of BPL families 
C: Girl child of BPL families
D: Aged of BPL families 

Answer: C: Girl child of BPL families


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